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Fat Ham at the Old Globe

Last night, my friends and I went to the old Globe theater for the bipod mixer and saw "Fat Ham." It was magical. As a big fan of Shakespeare, I went in expecting to see a basic or slightly adapted version of Hamlet. However, what I experienced was so much more. The production encapsulated our culture and delved into the issues that divide and conquer us daily.

I loved the show, but I don't want to give away any plot twists. The characters, especially "Juicy," were portrayed with depth, complexity, and conflict. The character of Mama, or maybe the Queen, did a great job of offering a unique perspective without overshadowing the central theme. The friendships depicted were genuine, showing how young people can love, support, and uplift each other through transparency, vulnerability, humor, irreverence, and love.

"Fat Ham" was not what I expected from an adaptation of Hamlet, yet it stayed true to the central themes of the original story. The production had a vibe of Black people in the backyard, with cookout vibes, drama, trauma, and a whole lot of love. The ending of the play was the absolute best, providing a wonderful payoff for the audience.

I had the opportunity to meet some of the cast members, and they were delightful. I highly recommend seeing this play before it closes. There are still upcoming events like Black Pride Night 6/7/24 with another mixer, offering food, drinks, and a play ticket. Additionally, there are two performances on Juneteenth. I plan to see the show again, at least once or maybe even twice, depending on my budget. Missing this show would mean missing something truly meaningful, and I am grateful to the Old Globe for staging such a fantastic production.

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