July 7, 2022


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Hundreds to Convene in San Diego for Afrofuturism Lounge 2022 


San Diego, CA -- Conceived in 2018 as a meetup for San Diego Comic-Con visitors, Afrofuturism Lounge returns to the city this month as an in-person gathering. Presented by Afrofuturism Lounge founder LaWana Richmond, EdD in collaboration with the San Diego African American Museum of Fine Art (SDAAMFA), Freedom Riders for the Future: Afrofuturism Lounge 2022 takes place 4 p.m. – 9 p.m., July 21-22, at the Quartyard.


Freedom Riders for the Future will bring together creatives, visionaries, intellects, community builders, entertainers and others who embody the diverse Black futurist diaspora. Featuring panel discussions, cosplay contests, Black comic book exhibitors and musical performances, a focal point of the 2022 event is "The Buses Are Coming," a SDAAMFA photography, video, sound, and augmented reality exhibition commemorating the civil rights-era Freedom Riders. 


“The first Afrofuturism Lounge awakened what Black Panther illuminated – an evolving movement bolstered by an appreciation of our history and its heroes who continue to inspire infinite endeavors,” Richmond said. “This year’s lineup will undoubtedly ignite new thought and industry opportunities. Attendees, many of whom are connecting for the first time since the pandemic, represent the emergence of a spectrum of Black-centered art, design, technology, thought leadership, science, writing, filmmaking, storytelling, music, health, and uncharted disciplines.”


The 5th annual Afrofuturism Lounge showcases James Spooner,Tim Fielder, ASCENDtials, Qamar Bradford, Marcus Newsome, Winston Shaw, Broken Chalice Studio, The Afronauts and other Afrofuturists. Register here.


Freedom Riders for the Future: Afrofuturism Lounge 2022 is sponsored by AfroCon.net, Firyali Visions, BSAM San Diego, UC San Diego Indigenous Futures Institute, and EDFU Foundation. Register for the two-day experience at AfrofuturismLounge.com.



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