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LaWana Richmond, 619-796-3479

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Afro Con Returns to San Diego as Afro Future Con 2023: Extending Reality

Contact: Dr. LaWana Richmond; 619-796-3479



Afro Future Con Returns to San Diego 


San Diego -- Afro Future Con returns to San Diego this fall for the third year, creating a platform to advance and celebrate Afrofuturistic science fiction, art, film, writing and thinking. A free family friendly event, Afro Future Con takes place at the Jackie Robinson Family YMCA from noon – 6 p.m., Sat., Sept. 9, and Sunday, Sept. 10.


Afro Future Con, short for Afrofuturism Consciousness Conference, is produced by Firyali, Inc. and benefits GrioNeers, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization launched by LaWana Richmond, EdD, who also founded Afrofuturism Dream Tank and Afrofuturism Lounge, an annual event that coincides with San Diego Comic Con. As part of this year’s Afro Future Con, world-renowned San Diego-based graffiti artist Maxx Moses will co-host the CosPlayers Ball, a masquerade GrioNeers fundraiser on Sat., Sept. 9, from 8 p.m. - midnight, at Graffiti Gardens (6785 Imperial Ave). An after party for Afro Future Con, the event includes food, beverages, a live DJ, entertainment, and a CosPlay contest. Tickets are available for a $75 donation, with proceeds helping to make Afro Future Con available for free to the public.


“GrioNeers supports, uplifts, and creates culturally responsive spaces like Afro Future Con for people of all ages and races locally, nationally and globally to share and leverage their limitless collective talent to accelerate ideas, science, art and other Afrofuturistic ventures,” Dr. Richmond said. “We’re making possible an intellectual and creative convergence of thought, skills and resources that contributes to a more equitable and exciting future for everyone.”

Afro Future Con connects artists, filmmakers, writers, comics, engineers, designers, musicians, scientists, and creators. The 2023 event panels and presentations include Afrofuturism through African and African American Lenses; 5 Gates to Africa; Comic Arts Creators; Afrofuturism in Current Animation; and more. Presenters include Executive Producer Tendayi Nyeke; and Actor Niketa Calame; Lightning Strike Comics Creator Marcus Newsome; My Dad the Bounty Hunter Director Kai Akira; Artist and Music producer Tony Washington,as well as other Afrofuturists, including Keithan Jones, Charlie Reign, Diane Moss, with appearances by Actors Norman Golden, Trina McGee, and Marcello Thedford.

2023 Afro Future Con sponsors include Titmouse, UC San Diego Indigenous Futures Institute, Graffiti Gardens, WalMart, and the City of San Diego. 


Afro Future Con tickets are available free of charge or for a donation at, where supporters can also make a $75 donation and receive a ticket to attend Saturday’s CosPlayers masquerade ball fundraiser. All donations benefit Grioneers, Inc. a San Diego based, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. 


CosPlayers Ball Tickets: 

1 for $75

2 for $100


Afrofuturism Lounge offers San Diego Comic-Con visitors a party for a social justice cause. The 6th annual Afrofuturism Lounge was a fundraiser for GrioNeers, a national nonprofit launched this year by Afrofuturism Lounge co-founder Dr. LaWana Richmond to advance Afrofuturism, comics, film, art, science, and related fields.

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