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to Afro Future Con 2023

Day 1 - Saturday, September 9th
12 noon.   Doors Open
Welcome by Dr. LaWana Richmond 
Opening Address: Mr. Maxx Moses
1:00 pm 
Creators Building Worlds in the Comic Universe - Moderated by Professor Ajani Brown, Center for Comic Studies at San Diego State University, creators at various career phases in the comic universe will share highlights and lessons learned, as well as offer advice from their vantage point.  Marcus Newsome, Lightning Strike Comics, Keithan Jones, KID Comics. and Tony Washington, Tony Washington Art.
2:00 pm
Organizing and Innovating: Refugee Futures of Work in San Diego - 
Afrofuturism in Current Animation
 sponsored by Titmouse, Inc. Let's talk about how Afrofuturism has been and is showing up in current animation with panelists: 
Tendayi Nyeke - EP, Kizazo Moto, Disney+
Black in This Dimension and the Next (Pt. 1)
What is the Role of the Evolutionary Artist in the Creation of the Future?

Now is the time for us to counter 100 years of images of a gruesome future with images of a brilliant, amazing, unified, empowered future like we got a glimpse of in the movie “Black Panther” in 2018. The people of the world cannot create what they cannot imagine, and this is the role of the evolutionary artist: to generate the raw materials of imagination in the minds of the many through their mediums of art, so that the collective can become the conscious architects of the future. 

Presented by: Cassandra Faye Floyd aka The Daughter of the Fates, founder of the Temple of Evolutionary Emergence, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, ordained minister, Mother and Grandmother.

Day 2 - Sunday, September 10th
12 noon.   Doors Open
Welcome by Dr. LaWana Richmond
Paragon Universe w/ Charlie Reign

Movement Matters Because Health is Wealth

5 Gates to Africa – Travel and Tourism

Black in… This Dimension and the Next (pt 2)

Visions Manifested Forum with Local Visionaries

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