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Afro Future Con 2023

Extending Reality

Why Extending Reality, on might ask. 


In 2023, we find ourselves in the midst of a hyper-expansion of Artificial Intelligence as well as the routinization of virtual meetings. Along with all of this, people are beginning to become more comfortable with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality landscapes that have applications beyond video games. 


Outside of technology, the fields of agriculture, medicine, and even education are in a state of flux. This is a time for us to extend our view of what is "real" and create new realities. What is real food?  How and where can/should/will we work? Is the current crisis Black Maternal Morbidity correctable? What can we do to make the future better?

Beyond that, we invite you to come meet comic book writers and artists as well as innovators, thought leaders, and Cosplayers.  We will have cosplay contests and other activities for kids during the day and a CosPlayers Ball at Grafitti Gardens on Saturday night. Food, fun, music, selfie stations, and more.  Come connect with people from a variety of industries who are there to share.  Come learn some stuff, or add to your collection of comic books, 

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